Terms & Conditions

The following General Terms and Conditions are valid for all contracts, deliveries and other services. Possible contradictory business terms of the customer are explicitly excluded. Additional agreements or amendments to the contract are only effective if they are confirmed in writing.

Technextday is at all times entitled to change or supplements these General Terms and Conditions including all possible enclosures with an adequate term of notice. Orders made previous to possible changes will then be processed according to the old General Terms and Conditions.

Small deviations and technical changes to our pictures or descriptions are possible.

Conclusion of a contract
Your order is an offer to Technextday for the conclusion of a purchase contract. If you make an order at Technextday (www.technextday.com), we will send you an e-mail which confirms the receipt of your order and which lists the details. This order confirmation is not an acceptance of your offer, it merely informs you that we have received your order. A purchase contract only materializes with the shipment of the dispatch confirmation or the delivery of the products.

Shipment, delivery and payment
The delivery will follow the ex-warehouse to the delivery address given by the customer. The delivery and payment conditions will be pointed out in more detail in the product description. There is no minimum order amount. Technextday is also entitled to limit the quantity ordered to commercial amounts. We reserve the right to make a partial delivery in so far as this appears to be advantageous for speedy handling and in so far as this is reasonable for you. You will have no additional shipping costs. Special forms of shipment which are requested by our customers will be billed with the customary additional fees.

Payment is due immediately after the binding order. In so far as has not been agreed upon otherwise, payments must be made exclusively with prepayment, credit/debit card or via Bank Transfer.

Delivery times
Goods which are in the warehouse will be shipped within 1 up to 2 working days after receipt of payment. If the goods are not available when the order is made, we will strive for delivery as soon as possible. In case the failure to comply with a delivery or service deadline can be traced back to an act of god, industrial conflict, unforeseen complication or other condition for which we are not at fault, the deadline will be extended accordingly. If failure to comply with a delivery deadline is due to another reason than named above, the customer is entitled to set an appropriate new deadline with the threat of rejection and if this new deadline is not met he can cancel the delivery named in the contract or the service from the contract. If the delivery is not possible due to the inability of the manufacturer or our suppliers, both we and the customer can cancel the contract in so far as the agreed upon a delivery date has been exceeded by more than 2 months. Claims for damages due to default or inability or failure to fulfil obligations, even those which arose by the withdrawal from the contract, are excluded. That is unless a legal representative of Technextday has acted deliberately or negligently.

Guarantees and after-sales service
We guarantee that the goods will correspond with the stated description and specification.
We guarantee that the goods will be of satisfactory quality when delivered by our carrier.
We operate a voluntary code which appears below for the return of goods which have failed to meet your expectations.
Subject to you complying with the voluntary code for the return of goods we guarantee that the goods will remain of satisfactory quality in normal use for 3 months following delivery and will refund the cost of the goods or credit the cost of the goods or replace the goods in accordance with a timescale for return of the goods set out in the voluntary code.
The terms of any manufacturer’s guarantee and after-sales service will be included within the documents accompanying the goods.
We are willing to provide advice to you in accordance with the conditions below.
Upon receipt, the customer must inspect the goods immediately for flaws and quality. In the case of apparent flaws, these must be reported to us in writing within 5 days after their discovery, the same is valid for latent defects. Otherwise, the guarantee for these defects does not apply. The guarantee is for 12 months after shipment.
With complaints, the purchase date must be proven with a bill. The article being complained about with full accessories together with an exact description of the error must be sent in together with a copy of the delivery receipt in the original packaging with suitable outer packaging, with sufficient postage paid. The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, and misuse. The guarantee expires if the customer changes the goods delivered. With defects which are the fault of the buyer because of improper handling, the buyer is committed to carrying all resulting subsequent improvement and transport costs. Technextday has the right to subsequent improvement free of charge during the guarantee period.

Your responsibilities
It is your responsibility to ensure compatibility of any goods offered for sale by us both with the existing components within your system and with any other goods offered for sale by us.
It is your responsibility to ensure the proper installation of our goods into your existing system.
It is your responsibility to ensure that wherever necessary you access the manufacturer web site to download any necessary product upgrades (including drivers and manuals).

This code only applies as between you and us if you are a consumer. This code is intended to promote good relations between you and us. The code is entirely voluntary and does not affect your statutory rights.

In individual circumstances, the provisions of the voluntary code may be more or less favourable to you than your statutory rights. You are free to withdraw from the operation of the code at any time and pursue your statutory rights. If you are in any doubt about your statutory rights you may wish to consult a solicitor or your local citizens’ advice bureau.

We recognise that goods supplied by us to you may not meet your expectations. In our experience, there are many reasons why that may happen. Examples of those reasons include a defect in the goods at the point of delivery to you, incompatibility with existing components within your system, poor installation or simply slower performance than you require.

We are not able to establish why the goods have failed to meet your expectations without an opportunity of inspecting and test the goods.

In any case, where the goods fail to meet your expectations we invite you to return them to us with an explanation of the problem.

In any case where we agree that the problem has arisen because of a defect in the goods at the point of delivery to you:

we will refund the cost of the goods to you if returned within 28 days of the date of delivery; in any other case, we will replace the goods or provide you with a credit for the cost of the goods.

In every case where you return goods upon the basis that there was a defect in the goods at the point of delivery to you, we will inspect and test the goods.

Insofar as it may be established that there was no defect in the goods at the point of delivery to you, we reserve the right to charge you £19.99 as a contribution towards the cost of inspecting and testing the goods.

In any case, where it is established that there was no defect in the goods at the point of delivery to you
we will nonetheless try to assist you in resolving the problem
depending upon the age and condition of the goods, we may be prepared to accept the return of the goods subject to a restocking charge and refund or credit the balance of the costs of the goods.
insofar as the age or condition of the goods is such that we are unable to accept their return, we will redeliver the goods to you. You agree to pay to us the reasonable cost of re-delivering the goods to you.

Right of revocation
Customers are entitled to withdraw from the contract within 14 days by giving reasons in text form (e. g. e-mail) or – if the object has been left to you before the expiration date – by returning the goods. The term begins on receipt of this instruction in text form but not before the entrance of the goods at the receiver (by the returning delivery of similar goods not before the entrance of the first part of the delivery). For the protection of the revocation term, the punctual sending of the revocation or the goods is enough. The revocation and returns have to be sent to:

Technextday Address
In the case of an effective withdrawal, the services received by both parties are to be refunded and if necessary the services drawn (e.g. interest) are to be returned. If you cannot refund the services received in full or partially or only in a deteriorated state, you must in this respect pay us compensation for the value. This is not valid if the deterioration of the goods can be exclusively traced back to their check as would have been possible for you in a shop. Incidentally, you can avoid the obligation to the worth substitute for one by the introduction as directed of the thing that occurred deterioration, while you do not take the thing like your property in use and refrain from everything that impairs their value.

Transportable goods have to be sent back. The customer has to carry the expenses of the return. The customer has to fulfil obligations to the allowance of payments within 30 days after sending the revocation.

The passing of the risk
With the shipment of the goods, by our risk. With returns, the sender carries the risk, in particular the transport risk, until the goods have been received by Technextday as well as the transport costs.

Reservation of title
Technextday reserves the title to deliver goods and services until the complete payment of all demands which have resulted or will result on part of the buyer from the business relationship, no matter what kind and which legal ground.

Storage of data
According to § 28 of the Federal Law for the Protection of Data (BDSG), we point out that the data necessary within the scope of the conclusion of the transaction is processed and stored using an EDP system according to § 33 (BDSG). Personal information will of course be treated confidentially. The person making the order explicitly agrees with this raising, processing and use of personal information.

You have the right at any time to free information, notification, blockage and cancellation of your stored data. Please contact us.

We do not give your personal data including your house address and e-mail address to third parties without your explicit consent which can be revoked at any time.

The exception to this is our service partners which need the data for handling the order (e.g. the shipping company which has been assigned with the shipment and the credit institution to which the handling of payment has been assigned to).In these cases, the scope of the transmitted data is limited to the necessary minimum.

Concession of rights, customer assessments
If a user decides to write a Technextday assessment, the user allows Technextday an exclusive license which is unlimited pertaining to time and place for the further use of the customer assessment for any purpose online as well as offline. Technextday reserves the right to not show an assessment or to show it for a limited time on the website as well as to shorten or change it. Customer assessments exclusively reflect the opinions of the customers. The contents do not necessarily comply with the opinions of Technextday.

Place of execution and legal venue
The place of execution and legal venue for both parties is the location of Technextday (with commercial customers), with private customers the place of execution and legal venue is the location of the customer. In so far as the person making the order resides outside of the United Kingdom, the exclusive legal venue is the location of Technextday. The law of the United Kingdom exclusively applies.

Claims for damages
Under no circumstance shall Technextday be responsible for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages.

Severability clause
If one of these regulations should be ineffective or challengeable, the effectiveness of the other regulations remains unaffected. In place of the ineffective clause, a legally admissible regulation will take its place which efficiently is closest to it.

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