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Asus ROG Balteus RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, Customisable Lighting, Non-slip, USB Passthrough, 370 x 320 x 7.9 mm

SKU: 90MP0110-B0UA00
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Asus ROG Hone Ace Aim Lab Edition Gaming Mouse Pad Hybrid Cloth Surface – 508 x 420 mm

SKU: 90MP0380-BPUA00
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Asus ROG SHEATH BLK Mouse Pad Smooth Surface Non-Slip ROG Rubber Base

SKU: 90MP00K3-B0UA00
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Asus ROG STRIX SLICE Gaming Mouse Pad, Ultrathin Design, Glow-in-the-dark Logo, 350 x 250 x 0.6 mm

SKU: 90MP01M0-BPUA00
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Asus TUF Gaming P3 Durable Mouse Pad, Cloth Surface, Non-Slip Rubber Base, Anti-Fray, 280 x 350 x 2 mm

SKU: 90MP01C0-B0UA00
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