Playstation 4

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GIOTECK DC4 Compact USB-Powered Dual Cha...


Ex Vat: £13.42

Compact USB powered dual charging for your gamepads. A dual charge docking station powered via the USB outlet on your PS4, allows fast recharging of any USB compatible device. Compact and stylish it has been designed to compliments your PS4.Features-..

GIOTECK LP4 Wired Chat Headset with Micr...


Ex Vat: £14.87

Communicate with friends online. A lightweight wired chat headset with crystal clear audio design to make online chat with friends simple and easy. This headset has an on-ear design for amazing comfort, and includes controller based controls. Easy to..

GIOTECK Online Gaming Kit for Sony PS4, ...


Ex Vat: £18.37

Chat online with friends, play for longer. Includes EX4 Chat Headset with controller based mute and volume controls that has an on-ear design amazing comfort, 2.5m USB charging cable which charges while you play and thumb grips that prevent wear and ..

GIOTECK Precision Trigger Grips for Sony...


Ex Vat: £10.39

Improved accuracy and control. High quality precision trigger grips that provide non-slip rubber texture trigger grips for enhanced grip and improved control to your controller. Includes four trigger grips in two sets.Features- Improved Grip- Non-sli..

GIOTECK XH-50 Wired Mono Headset with Ad...


Ex Vat: £15.95

Chat online with friends. A lightweight mono headset with crystal clear audio design to make online chat with friends simple and easy. This headset has an adjustable headband to enable precise comfort, and includes in-line controls. An adjustable mic..

SPEEDLINK Drift O.Z. Racing Wheel with P...


Ex Vat: £36.81

Control is Everything, Especially on the Race TrackThe DRIFT O.Z. Racing Wheel gives you perfect control of any vehicle: with a rubberised racingwheel rim for ultimate grip and strong suction cups for the best possible hold even when making extreme m..

SPEEDLINK Jazz USB Charger For PlayStati...


Ex Vat: £15.63

The Jazz USB Twin Charger will charge your wireless PS4 gamepads quickly and reliably. The compact charging station is powered directly by the console or any other USB port (at least 500mA) such as on your PC or notebook. The device can charge up to..

SPEEDLINK Legatos Stereo Gaming Headset ...


Ex Vat: £17.20

The LEGATOS Stereo Headset will supply the soundtrack to actionpacked games. Treat your ears to incredible comfort when fighting it out in multiplayer games. With its ultrasoft ear pads and padded, flexible headband plus adjustable microphone which c..

SPEEDLINK Stack Secure Vertical Stand fo...


Ex Vat: £13.76

Save space and mount your PS4 securely with the STACK Vertical Stand. Thanks to its rubberised feet, your PS4 will stay securely upright and rooted to the spot. The stand is designed to match your PS4 perfectly, with the STACK\'s stylish black finish..

SPEEDLINK Stix Multi-Colour Controller C...


Ex Vat: £11.36

Improve your analoguestick control, protect your controller and also give it a new, distinctive look. The STIX Controller Cap Set enhances the ergonomic comfort of your analogue sticks, offering you greater control when dealing with tricky situations..

SPEEDLINK Strike NX Wired Gamepad for PS...


Ex Vat: £16.89

The robust STRIKE NX gamepad for the PS3 will withstand even the toughest treatment in critical gaming situations. Its ergonomic shape, light weight and pressuresensitive buttons ensure maximum gaming comfort and total control. The vibration function..

SPEEDLINK Strike NX Wireless Gamepad wit...


Ex Vat: £23.45

With a range of up to 10m, the STRIKE NX gamepad gives you maximum freedom of movement in intense gaming situations on the PS3. Its ergonomic shape, light weight and pressuresensitive buttons ensure maximum gaming comfort and total control. The vibra..

SPEEDLINK Trailblazer Vibration Effect R...


Ex Vat: £60.43

Dominate offroad routes and the world\'s most famous race circuits with the TRAILBLAZER Racing Wheel. Experience maximum compatibility, superb control and incredible ergonomic comfort. Thanks to its realistic gear shifter, you can make racecritical g..

SPEEDLINK Trax Headset Adapter for Plays...


Ex Vat: £10.63

Now you can enjoy the comfort of your PC headset with your DualShock 4 gamepad. The TRAX Headset Adapter lets you plug in any standard stereo headset with 2x 3.5mm jack plugs and connects in a split second. What\'s more, the TRAX Headset Adapter tran..

SPEEDLINK Twindock Charge System for Son...


Ex Vat: £16.67

Charge your PS4 controllers quickly and reliably with the TWINDOCK charging system. Charge up to two controllers simultaneously and save the hassle of waiting. The proven, convenient docking system also holds your controllers securely in place simpl..

SPEEDLINK VReady 4-In-1 Charging Station...


Ex Vat: £23.97

The VREADY 4in1 charging system is compact and will bring order to your gaming den. It accommodates two PS4 and two PS Move controllers, plus it features two practical metal stands one for a PS VR headset and one for a headset/set of headphones. Its..

SPEEDLINK Xanthos Stereo Universal Gamin...


Ex Vat: £41.17

Intensify Your Gaming Experience and Totally Engross Yourself in the Virtual WorldWhether on the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 or PC. The XANTHOS Stereo Console Gaming Headset with atmospheric LED lighting delivers sensational stereo sound for games and multime..

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